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Staffing & BIM Solutions

Your greatest ally to transform construction through innovation with the best remote talent.

At Globalbitz, we build alliances by developing global relationships and delivering talents to companies wordwide. We can quickly provide the qualified staff you are looking for.
Forget about lengthy recruiting procedures to find the right professionals.
Build your dream team instead.
We specialize in recruiting and hiring talents in no time for your projects.

How we do it


We achieve this by connecting and bringing top talents from Latin America, India, and the Philippines.

We specialize in developing cloud-based BIM, VDC, and Digital Twin applications for the efficient management of the built asset’s lifecycle.

With Globalbitz, bringing you the best solution at an efficient cost is now possible.

About Us


In Globalbitz, we stand as your ultimate ally in achieving innovation and digital transformation.

We consistently lead in innovations related to emerging technologies within the construction industry.

We source the finest talents in the AECO sector from Asia, Europe, and North America.

Our mission is to empower organizations and professionals through BIM/VDC services and solutions, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and automation.


Involves the creation and management of detailed construction documents that accurately represent the building design and specifications.

Plans and Visualizations

Encompasses the generation of 2D plans and 3D visualizations that help stakeholders understand the project’s design and spatial characteristics.

BIM Models, Coordination, and Clash Resolution

Focuses on developing detailed BIM models for different disciplines and resolving clashes between building components to ensure a conflict-free design.

Time Control

Integrates scheduling and time management into the BIM process to track project timelines and ensure timely completion.

Cost Control

Involves the estimation and management of costs associated with the project, using BIM data to track and optimize budget expenditures.


Utilizes BIM to analyze and improve the environmental performance of buildings, promoting sustainable design and construction practices.

Digital Twin

Represents a real-time, dynamic digital replica of the physical building, used for monitoring, managing, and optimizing building performance throughout its lifecycle.

Global Excellence


With a presence in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, the United States, and Saudi Arabia.
We are chosen for our commitment to excellence, proven effectiveness, and delivering a high return on investment for our clients.
Above all, our unwavering commitment to ethics, honesty, and achieving objectives within the set timeframe sets us apart.

We are Globalbitz and we:


Be ready to approach any possible challenge, no longer wasting time and money on a long and expensive recruiting process. Invest in what’s essential: qualified BIM talents.

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